How to Help Your A/C System Help You during Those Long Australian Summers

20 January 2017
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A well installed, maintained and – importantly – managed air conditioning system is a godsend in a typical Australian summer. If you want to enjoy those long, humid months and keep your expenses in check, you'll want to make sure that your air conditioning system is properly controlled. What are some of the key rules to bear in mind to help you achieve this? Rule Number One Always keep doors and windows closed whenever you're running your air conditioning system. Read More 

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying a Fire Extinguisher for Your Home

26 December 2016
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Fires, however small, should be put out as soon as possible to prevent disastrous outcomes. This is why it is essential to have a couple of fire extinguishers in your home. However, the type of fire extinguisher you invest in will determine whether it will give you value for your money in terms of functionality and resilience. For this reason, the following questions will help you find the most appropriate fire extinguisher for your home. Read More 

When to Have Your Bore Water Tested

15 July 2016
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Bore water is often used by homeowners for filling swimming pools, watering the lawn or livestock, and for using in the home for flushing toilets. For drinking, cooking, or bathing, bore water usually needs to be treated so it's clean and sanitary. Even with a regular filtering process or chemical treatment, your bore water may get contaminated so that it's not safe for drinking or even for use on your lawn or for livestock. Read More 

Why Every Developer Should Always Consult With an Urban Planner

16 March 2016
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An urban planner is someone who helps to plan the development of cities and towns and then also subdivisions and other developments within those cities. They take into account how those developments will affect the population surrounding them, and if the development is sustainable. If you are a developer, or someone who buys large plots of land in order to build a new subdivision, industrial complex, or the like, you would do well to always consult with an urban planner before any work begins. Read More 

Preemptive Pest Protection: Protect Your Plants from Pests

23 September 2014
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All gardens will have bugs in them, but most bugs will contribute to the ecosystem that you have created in your lawn. However, if certain types of bugs take residence in your garden, your plants could become sickly or even be killed. Instead of spraying when you discover that you have pests, you can take steps to protect your garden from pests before they even take up residence. Location Pests will go after weak or stressed plants. Read More